Kriti Sanon Took A Dig At Modi & Thrashed Internet Moral Police For Trolling Priyanka For Her Dress

Popular Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon is quite clear in her perception and believes in expressing her opinions straight-forwardly. It was on the International Women’s Day (March 8) that she took to Instagram and posted a bold yet significant message.
Take a look:
Recently, Kriti had an interaction with Hindustan Times in which she talked about the issue of moral policing which is quite common in social media now-a-days. Her take on trollers who thrashed Priyanka Chopra for her dress at the time when she met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is simply bang on!

Here’s what she stated,
“Priyanka is someone who represents India in so many ways and has made us proud in the entire world. She’s not someone who will do anything that harms India’s pride.”
She took a jibe at moral police and said that people must stop making comments on what a woman should wear. In her words,
“It’s high time that people stop commenting on what women wear. It’s our choice. Even Modi sir was not wearing a kurta pyjama; he was wearing a suit, which is Western. And Priyanka was wearing something very decent. It wasn’t vulgar attire. People need to stop telling women what to wear, or else it should be mentioned that if you’re meeting so and so, please wear a burkha.”
Well, we agree with Kriti who just reminded social media users to mind their own business and not to poke their nose into each and every matter unnecessarily!
You go, girl!

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