OMG! Sunil Grover’s Latest Attire Has Crossed Limits Of Weirdness & Has Beaten Ranveer Singh’s Choice

Sunil Grover is admired not only for his perfection, but also for his style statement. Whenever he makes public appearances, his style and choice of outfits is worth seeing. If a celebrity has a huge fan following, he has to pay proper attention to the way he presents himself at events; one wrong outfit and social media starts talking.
Recently, Sunil attended a fashion event and the outfit he chose crossed all limits of weirdness. Of course, it was the designer’s choice, but the main question is, “How and why did Sunil agree for it?”
This was at BeWithBeti fashion show that was organized at JW Mariott Hotel in Juhu; many big names including Karishma Tanna and Ankita Bhargava participated in it.
We were excited to see Sunil walk the ramp, but were certainly not happy with his clothes; in fact, we felt that he’s giving tough competition to Ranveer Singh, who becomes a butt of jokes for his fashion sense.
Are you ready to see Sunil’s clothes? Here you go…

And one more…
Aise kapde kaun pehenta hai bhai? Looking at these pics, you too will feel that Ranveer dresses 100 times better than him.
Sunil, you better dress up well next time! The designer should have chosen something nice for him, considering his popularity among fans.
We would like to know your opinion on this. Ranveer Singh or Sunil Grover?
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