6 WTF Hilarious Wedding Photos Will Make Your Day !!!

Wedding in India are not just WEDDING, This is a festival for us. From the day of the date fixing to the date of the wedding our festival was start. No one want any trouble in their wedding. Every work have to be in a systematic manner. BUT We are going to highlight some of the funniest Indian wedding photos including pre and post wedding ones as well.We are sure that almost everyone on the Internet knows what memes are. These photos are like memes so share the article to follow the rule of memes. So here are some photos will make you ROFL all the day.

1.  The photographer makes sure that she does not forget the wedding ever.

2.  Be the superman tonight! He is totally ready!

3. must be an astronaut,  he is suited up with flowers for the occasion.

4. I don’t give a FU#K, I only want to drink.

5. You can try to eat but not chew. Too aggressive by the way!

6.when you realize the end of your freedom .

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