Guy Asks College Students For Their Phones To Show “Magic” & Runs Away! Here’s How They Reacted!

Pranks are something that we all like. However, when people cross their limits, we all feel damn irritated. Pranks are good until they are funny; some mischievous tricks make us laugh and guarantee a good time.
Funk You has come up with a video in which the hosts prank college students. They tell them that they can have the Apple logo on their phones with a simple magic.
The host asks them to believe in his magic and count 3, 2 ,1. The college students believe him and give him their phones. What he does next gives a shock to those students. They must be repenting their decision to believe him and give him their phones.
Watch the video now;

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This prank also teaches us a lesson that you must never ever trust strangers. Even though they look genuine, you must think twice before handing over your precious things. Did you get it?
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