Muslim Kid Asked For Food During Ramzan Before Iftari. How Muslim People Reacted Is A Must Watch

Regardless of whether you are a Muslim or not, you must be aware of the fact that Ramzan is considered a very sacred month for Muslims and they keep fast which is called Roza for one month.
Any Muslim who keeps fast has to eat Sehri and after that, he/she is expected not to eat anything till Iftari. This fast may not be easy for kids, as it demands sincerity, dedication and determination.
Here we present a social experiment video by Funk You featuring a Muslim kid who goes to random Muslim people and asks them for something to eat, as he is hungry and his mother will give him food only after Iftari.
Did they give him food or made him understand the importance of Roza? How they reacted is something you can’t miss to watch!

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How did you find the video? How would you have reacted if you had been in their place?
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