Woman Passenger Gave Birth To Baby On Flight! Jet Airways Announces Free Lifetime Pass For The Kid!

No doubt, there’s an increase in negativity and hatred in the world, but there’s still some humanity and love left in the heart of people. Even big brands and businesses are adopting the idea of love instead of following the mean norms.
A few days back we reported how Mercedes fulfilled the dream of a little boy by driving him in one of their luxurious cars. Now there’s another beautiful story to talk about.
30-weeks pregnant Cicymol Jose was on board a Jet Airways flight going to Kochi from Dammam, Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Jose went into premature labour on flight 9W 569 carrying 162 passengers. As soon as it came into the notice, the crew, accompanied by a trained paramedic on board, provided her with the required medical assistance.
The plane was diverted to Mumbai airport after a baby was born on-board the flight at 35,000 feet.
A medical emergency was declared at 8 am to rush the mother and baby to the hospital. Following the whole incident, Jet Airways has announced a free lifetime pass for the baby boy. Isn’t that sweet?

An official statement by Jet Airways read-
“Jet Airways is pleased to announce the successful birth of a baby boy on board its flight 9W 569 from Dammam to Cochin of June 18, 2017. The Boeing 737 with 162 guests was diverted to Mumbai as one of the guests went into premature labour. The guest delivered a baby boy at 35,000 feet. On landing, both mother and baby were rushed to Holy Spirit Hospital in Mumbai and are doing well. Jet Airways has informed the family of the guest who are en route from Kochi. The airline expresses its gratitude to Ms Wilson, the on-board paramedic for her guidance.”
Meanwhile, the flight was delayed by more than two hours as it reached Kochi at 12.45 pm instead of 10.15 am on Sunday. But we believe no passenger would’ve minded the delay considering the situation. Well, that’s really heartwarming. Isn’t it?
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