10 Easy Ways To Join The Health Bandwagon

1. Set goals. (The realistic ones!)
Following every fad diet you've ever heard of to suddenly lose weight just so you fit in the dress you planned on wearing for an upcoming occasion is NOT a realistic goal. The ultimate goal is different for everyone, but to achieve any fitness goal you must try to keep yourself motivated at all times. Set short-term goals and keep attaining those to keep yourself on track.
2. The King's Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all have heard our parents say this A LOT. But, in case you need more motivation, according to a study people who skip breakfast have a higher risk of obesity.
3. Differentiate between hunger and thirst
Sometimes when we are thirsty our body sends confusing signals that could be interpreted as hunger. To avoid such situations, stay hydrated at all times. And whenever you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first. It would help you determine whether you're actually hungry or just thirsty.
4. Consume smaller portion of food
Instead of having three big meals, consume smaller portions of food six times a day. Larger meals after long duration would make you very hungry and often result in overeating. Consuming smaller portion of food with shorter gap would avoid overeating and help in metabolism.
5. Sleep!
This is our favorite step to getting healthy! According to a study, sleeping less than five hours a night could result in weight gain. Try and sleep for at least 6-8 hours a night.
6. Make a plan!
Don't allow boredom to enter your regime. Make plans to do something new every week. Don't follow a routine for so long that it becomes monotonous.
7. Don't kill the cravings
Indulgence is not bad. If you crave something, don't deprive yourself of that. Just keep portion control in mind and enjoy your favorite food!
8. Use smaller plates
This simple trick helps to make the brain feel like you're eating more. No more overeating now.
9. Be positive
Staying motivated is the key to fitness. Don't lose hope and stay positive.
10. Don't stress
We know it's easier said than done. But, to keep yourself on the health bandwagon it's important you take stress out of the equation. When you stress, a hormone called cortisol rises in the body and drops blood sugar which makes you reach out for sugary, fatty food.
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