10 Famous Photographs That Are Actually Very Fake

Every day, some pictures catch our attention on the social media, leaving us with different emotions of anger, happiness, wonder or sadness. Some are absolutely real while some are so cleverly manipulated that only an expert’s eye can make out the difference.
Below are some fake pictures which went viral because the social media took it to be the real ones!


This very much-circulated picture of a shark attacking a military personnel hanging through the helicopter ladder is actually a great art of Photoshop and went viral through an email in 2001. It also claimed that it has been awarded as the “National Geographic Photo of the Year”. It created such a sensation that the National Geographic had to publically deny the award rumor. It was the combination of two photographs. The first photograph was taken by Lance Cheung for United Stated Air Force taken in front of the Golden Bridge Gate, San Francisco and the picture of the shark was taken by South African photographer Charles Maxwell at False Bay, South Africa.


We hate breaking hearts but the truth is that this picture is also a fake and actually does not exist. The castle shown in the image is the Liechtenstein Castle located in Germany and the island shown in the picture, the “Khao Phing Kan” which are actually a pair of islands on the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea and nothing of this sort exists in Dublin, Ireland.


This Moonmelon earned its share of fame through Pinterest and watered a lot of mouths because of its aesthetic appeal. It went viral in May 2011 and that it came to be known as the “miracle fruit”. We also got to know that Yahoo even had a serious discussion about this fruit though the reality is that the color was just changed to blue. Whatever it might be, people lurking for this blue cool melon, you are never going to taste it!


Okay! Einstein has a big smile and he might have thought about the theory of relativity while riding his bicycle, but that nuclear test thing in the background is a fake thing that went viral in January 2011. The photograph of Albert Einstein riding his bicycle was taken by the trustee of California Institute of Technology by Ben Meyer on 6th February 1933 in Santa Barbara while the picture of the nuclear explosion test was taken at Nevada on 14th July 1962 that is seven years after Einstein’s death.


The Metro Goldwyn Mayer roaring lion too became popular after a fake picture related to it became famous all over the Internet since January 2015. The picture of the lion being strapped to a table to shoot its iconic roar went famous and caught the attention of the Wildlife Protection people who were annoyed with the picture, and thought it was against animal’s freedom. However, matters cooled down when the real picture of a Leo having an MRI broke the Internet assuring people the former was photoshopped.


This picture of a great white shark jumping out of the water too was circulated so widely only to know at the end that this is too a complete clever manipulation of by a 3D graphic artist on Shutterstock. This picture too claimed to be awarded as the “National Geographic Photo of the Year” and was said to be captured by Bob Burton, the Chief Photographer of National Geographic.


This picture of this black majestic lion sitting like a king captured the heart of many animal lovers but alas! It does not really exist or even if it exists, it has not yet been seen or captured. The picture of the black lion is originally a picture of a white lion captured at Cango Wildlife Ranch, South Africa. The color palette of the lion was just played with.


Above all the pictures mentioned, this one was something that left people with wide eyes and wide mouths and brains paralyzed and what not! The picture clearly shows the foot of a baby through the mother’s belly. It was circulated and even discussed on. Some people even consulted a gynecologist who had a good laugh saying it was a complete hoax referring to the baby’s foot.


Nothing could have been funnier with the picture of George Bush holding the book upside down, had it been real. But the truth is the picture too like the above-mentioned photographs are fake and were circulated widely. The real picture was taken with the Governor of Texas Rick Perry at George Sanchez Charter School in Houston during summer 2002 and was with the Associated Press while the other one that went viral was a completely fake one!

A Selfie

The photo of a brave pilot taking a selfie went noticeable all around and made such buildup that it even generated various copycats. Obviously, it looks really conspicuous, however, it’s a fake picture. By and by, even the real photograph is wonderful and merits open consideration.

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