10 Things China Does Better Than Any Other Country In The World! We Bet You’ll Agree!

When we talk about China, what all things come to mind? The first thing that comes to our mind is its infrastructure; it is growing by leaps and bounds and every now and then, we see the country coming up with something new. There is something that sets China apart from all other countries. The economic growth rate is fast and along with that, China gets a lot of FDI too.
Apart from this, China is very famous for many other things. We have compiled a list of such things below and we can say it without a doubt that China can beat any other country in these aspects.
Check out the list;
1) Calligraphy
This is a famous art in China; however, with time, it has become something more than just art. China has had many great Calligraphy masters, who have given wonderful works. Nowadays, these artworks are sold for millions of dollars there. No one can beat China in terms of Calligraphy.

2) Tea
Once again, there’s no competition in terms of tea, because China is already the winner. You will find around 800 types of Chinese tea there; just like wine, you’ll find different varieties of tea in China. The characteristics depend on a number of factors like atmosphere, terrain, cultivation etc. In fact, in China, drinking tea is a great method to socialize and people believe that it strengthens relations be it personal or professional.
3) Infrastructure
Infrastructure development is happening at a rocket-speed there. Be it high speed railways or be it the most complicated bypass, China can do it with great ease. The country boasts of some of the most impressive and quirkiest constructions!
4) Copying
Copying and China go hand in hand; you name anything and you’ll get its duplicate version in China. The country is famous for coming up with copied and cheaper versions of almost everything, right from branded clothes to electronic gadgets and cars.
5) Public safety
Safety in China is simply the best; it is 100 times better than any other country in the world. This is because China spends a lot on domestic security; it is said that it has allocated equal budget to both public safety as well as to National defense. Now, if so much money is being spent, positive results are bound to come.
6) Renewable energy
China plays smartly in terms of renewable energy. It believes in 100 percent efficiency, due to which energy resources are used very carefully. If we go by the statistics, the investment made by China in renewable energy is more than any other country in the Western world. Isn’t this an awesome achievement?
7) Building smart individuals through smart education
We all know how expensive it is to go and study in the US, but for China, this is not a problem at all. China Scholarship Council funds the higher education of students and sends them abroad. There’s just one condition; the student must come back and work in China only. Kudos to the investment it has made in human capital; without this, smart individuals and smart constructions would have been impossible there.
8) Economic reforms at a fastest speed
No doubt, countries do plan a lot of things in order to grow the economy, but once again, things seem to be way too fast in China. It has not only planned the reforms, but has also implemented the same immediately; experts say that the China’s speed of bringing in economic reforms is faster than others.
9) Public transport
Often, when we talk of public transport, all we can think of is “Crowd”, “Mismanagement”, “Traffic”, isn’t it? It seems China has a good solution to this problem also. Many alternative systems are created, which in turn, help to control traffic during rush hours. For instance, Shanghai subway system has multiple spokes and this has made it easier to connect the city. Moreover, the arrival time of trains is also very fast; in short, public doesn’t have to wait much. Things are very systematic and organized.
10) Simple living
In other countries, we see how people crib for money and want a lavish lifestyle. However, in China, the lifestyle is very simple. A middle class person there might not necessarily own a car; they are happy and satisfied with simple things. Basic jobs there pay just $3.00 per hour, but still people don’t complain.
If this pace continues, China might soon be a world leader, agree?
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