Our life changes every moment which is at times fruitful for us. With good times there can be a tragedy which is inevitable.
Looking back into the history, there are moments which got registered in our minds but we never knew what happened seconds before the tragedy struck.
Below are the photos of people who lost their lives in horrible tragedies like a crash, murders or by being in wrong place. Each photo reveals the journey of the people to their end and they were simply ignorant of the deadly fate awaiting them.
All these pictures are tragic yet somewhat beautiful

A Selfie Moment

Gary and his mother Petra took this selfie when they boarded Malaysian Airlines flight which was never seen again.

Killed in love

The girl was shot by her boyfriend in Little Rock, Arkansas but managed to send a snapshot of him moments before the attack.

Suicide Captured

Gabriela Hernandez, a Mexican, took this picture before committing suicide. She posted some of her distressed photos and farewell messages over Facebook after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Tragic End of Vacation

Dave Hally boarded MH17 with his family for their dream vacation. The picture was taken moments before the flight was to take off.

Space Shuttle Disaster

The seven-member crew of the Challenger marched happily towards making a history but met an unfortunate end in 1986.

Perfect Shot

Andrey Retrovsky took a perfect Instagram shot, met a tragic end very next moment.

She Slipped Into The Falls

The Japanese teenager, Ayano Tokumasu, in the Red dress behind was never seen again after she lost her balance and got swept away in the Niagara Falls.

Paris Shooting

Gilles Leclerc took this picture with his girlfriend moments before being shot dead in the Paris attack.

She Was Brutally Murdered

26-year old actress, Sharon Tate who was pregnant took this photo in her backyard in 1969. She was murdered in the evening by Charles Manson and his followers.

They died together

He stabbed his wife, threw her off the balcony and then jumped to his death. The picture was posted over Facebook moments before they met their end.
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