11 Actors Who Played Famous Characters as Kids: What Do They Look Like Now?

Do you wonder how the popular child artists of the famous movies that rocked your high school look like now! We have compiled a list of few actors in their famous roles and how they look now!


“The Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 1991 starred Edward Furlong to play the role of Jason Clarke as a child in the role of John Connor.

Edward looks unrecognizable because of his past drug addiction and alcoholism as he carries panda eyes and a low maintained physique. However, he is fighting against them now.


Jacob Davich starred in ” The Aviator ” playing the role of Leonardo DiCaprio as a child for the character of Howard Hughes.
Well! Jacob still looks super cute and has done a good number of TV shows and movies. He has this cute smile on that still wins the hearts of the ladies.


Flora Guiet starred as the young Amelie for Audrey Tautou in the movie “Amelie”.

This Amelie girl still looks innocent with that child-like smile on and strawberries on her fingers. Though, there is no much information on her.


Spencer Daniels was young Benjamin in the movie” Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” starring Brad Pitt.
He started acting at the age of ten and has done few movies like “Star Trek”. A fit cool guy, he looks good with that smile on.


Lucinda starred as the young Elizabeth Swan in the very much loved movie ” POC: The Curse of the Black Pearl” in 2003.
Lucinda has been working in the entertainment industry till date and has done a number of TV shows including “Doctor Who”. She looks hot as hell now!


Toby Regbo starred in the science fiction ” Mr Nobody ” as young Nemo for Jared Leto.

He has been in the entertainment industry for a good period and has won a lot of awards for his works.


Thomas Byrne is very much known for his role as a nine year old Nemo in Mr Nobody.
He now looks hot with that tough look and has worked in a series of shows like “Who killed Mrs De Ropp” where he played the role of Cyril.


Christa starred in the movie “13 Going on 30” as the young Jenna Rink for Jennifer Garner.
She looks extremely hot now and has played roles in many shows and movies like “Ghosts of Girlfriend Past”.


Douglas Smith is known for his character of younger version Adam Webber in the movie ” Blast from the Past”.
Smith has since then done projects like “Out There” where he played the lead role.


Amelia Clarkson starred as young Jane in the very famous novel turned movie “Jane Eyre”.
Clarkson is a beautiful girl now and has worked in a number of shows like ” All Stars” etc.


John Patrick is known for his role of young Evan Treborn in the “Butterfly Effect”.

Amedori has since then worked in shows like ” Vanished “, ” Happy Town ” etc. He has very pretty eyes.
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