11 amazing facts about the human body

The human body is arguably the most amazing creation of the Almighty. Thanks to science, we know a lot about it today. But then, there are facts that we really don’t know about.
Below are some amazing facts about the human body that each one of us should know!


The human brain  can hold information of as much as five encyclopedias and its storage is said to be 1,000 terabytes in electronic terms. It has no pain receptors and uses 20% of the oxygen that enters the blood stream.


Hair and nails are made up of a tough protective protein called keratin and that’s why it does not hurt when they are cut. The natural hair color determines how dense will the hair be. The fingernails tend to grow faster than the toenails as they are exposed more to the surrounding. The most disturbing fact of human hair for ladies is that facial hair grows much faster as compared to the hair on other parts of the body.


The small intestine is not as small as you think it is. It is almost four times taller than an average adult’s height. It is adjusted in a way so that it can fit in the abdominal cavity.  About 90 per cent of the nutrients are absorbed by the body through the small intestine into the blood.
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Our tummy is our favorite part as it savors all the tasty food we gulp in. But what is more amazing about it is the fact that it has acids which can dissolve razor blades and other metals and though this is a fact it is advised not to try this out. There is no size difference of stomach in different people and remains the same for everyone despite of the  difference in weight.


After our mothers, the liver is said to be the busiest of all organs. It is a multi-functional organ and performs about 200 functions simultaneously. It is also one of the major detoxifying agent in our body. To add more, it is the largest glandular organ of the human body and weighs around 1.36 kilograms and is reddish brown in color.


The biology book ruined the very simple sketch of heart and also made it darn complicated. This very critical muscle beats about 100000 times a day(approx) and creates pressure to squirt blood to about 30 feet which is the reason why we can feel our heartbeat so easily. Not only this, the age and fitness of a person also affects the heart rate of a person.


Blood vessels are 60,000 miles long adding to the fact that it can rotate around the earth around two times. They are responsible for carrying a million barrels of blood in one lifetime. Apart from its other functional facts, the best fact about it is that it gets boosted by flavonoids, a micro nutrient found in dark chocolate.


Apart from all the functions our biology books told us about the lungs, there are some other facts too. If you ever cut open a lung, it would cover the space of an entire tennis court. The lungs are the only organs that can float in water. Not only this, an average human inhales about 11,000 liters of air per day. It also removes 70% of the toxic agents from the body.


The tongue is the only organ that performs all its functions without any skeletal support. It is one of the most flexible muscles and this is the reason why it can manipulate food in the mouth so well. It has thousands of taste buds and has a rough texture. It is the strongest and yet, the most sensitive muscle in the human body. Like fingerprints, our tongue prints are unique too.


Ears though designed for hearing are very much related with the balance and equilibrium of the body. The ear wax that we find very gross is actually good for protecting the inner ear from fungal and bacterial infections. The ear actually functions even at night and can hear sounds when we are sleeping but our brain blocks them.

Your Hands

They say that your hands are incredibly capable. So much so that they can never go wrong with the motor control. In reality, the limitation is actually your eyesight. I bet you had no clue about that, did you?

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