11 Funny Civil Engineering Mistakes that Make You Wonder Who Gave them Degrees

Civil engineering has given the world some of the most magnificent creations and has almost always left us baffled with their amazing creations. However, sometimes, some engineers make some seriously awful mistakes that are insanely crazy. It will make anyone think about the knowledge they have received at the grad school! Let us look at some of these funny civil engineering mistakes that will make you wonder who gave them degrees!


I mean, how can they even design the railway track like that! It looks so unreal!

Convenience for a thief?

Well, staircase near the window? Maybe they’ve designed it for a buglar, who knows!

The Wrong One

They must have realised lately that they’re going way too wrong, in construction and in life!

The Train Must Watch Out

Well, the train should see the obstruction in between!

A Slope Road

How about having some fun on the run?

The Bridge Support

The bridge needs some support ya, don’t take it wrong!

The Great Entrance

The entrances to the house should always be as impeccable as that!

A Misplaced ATM

How about doing some stretching while taking the cash out from the ATM?

Watch Your Head

And the person who designed it must watch out their career!

A Door To Heaven?

I cannot, even in my weirdest dream think of the purpose of this door!

The Drunk Window

Maybe it got a little tipsy last night or it is a perfect rebel!
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