11 Of The Most Embarrassing Mugshot Hairdos Ever Recorded

Getting clicked in a picture perfect image is a matter of great concern for many people in order to make a lasting impression on others.  Some they make a whole lot of preparations well in advance, before getting themselves clicked. Wearing an appealing outfit, putting on matching footwear and other accessories are some of the things that usually people choose with great care. Also, having a good looking hairstyle is one of the key elements to make your picture look perfect. However, some of the mugshots here will definitely leave a lasting impression on your minds.

Moustache Man wins over the Left One

This mugshot is something you will remember for the rest of your life. The right-hand person having a moustache like hair on his forehead will definitely take your attention from the person next to him having long blonde hair.
#1 Pinterest

It’s a Pigtail over His Head

This person right here must have a close infatuation with pigs. That is the reason he has pigtails for a hairstyle.

Arrested in the Midst of Shaving

This man right here is arrested in the midst of shaving his beard and the captured mugshot is the very proof of it.
#3 CBS News

These Two Love to get Clicked

Mugshots of these two men show that they are enjoying getting clicked in the police station. The Einstein shaped hair man looks much happier than the right one.
#4 Pinterest

Criminals with Coolest Hairstyle

Out of all the mugshots, these two criminals surely win over others by having creative sort of hairstyles. The left one has given a creative touch to his Mohawk look, while the right one is trying to express creativity with the less hair that is left on his head.

The Chinese Look

The woman clicked in this mugshot must be a die-hard fan of the traditional Chinese loom. She definitely needs some brow assistance from someone.

Guy Needs Buzzcut

This guy definitely needs some hair assistance due to his hair loss problem. Buzzcut is the best solution for making his mugshot more appealing.
#8 NY Daily News

Bald Patches is The New Look

This guy right here clicked in this funny mugshot proves that even with bald patches, you can make a stylish appearance.
#9 Thethings.com

A Man with School Girl like Hair

Everyone has their own preference for hair style and this man right here must be having a special liking for this one.
#11 Uberhavoc

Two People with Different Hair Perspectives

The man on the left side is surely the one who does not really care about his hair. On the other side, right sided man must be a die-hard fan of Medusa’s snake hair.
#13 Chu2.jp

A Gel God

Using hair gel for styling is surely meant for special occasions. But, this man must have used up all the available hair gels and hair spray over his head.
#14 Pinterest
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