11 photos prove that having children can be seriously funny

Having kids implies that you need to wave off goodbye to your social life. But sometimes these kids do such hilarious things that will have you in splits. Their antics will keep you entertained all day.Here are few pictures capturing the funny side of kids.

Vacation Mode

Don’t disturb me for now, can’t you see I am all dolled up for a vacation here? So, wait till I get back.
#17 On Holiday.

New Passport

Keep your passport away from the kids else the next time you are flying you will have a lot of answering to do with the airport staff.
#16 Keep away.

The Desert Tub

Strawberries are my favorite, why don’t you just soak them for my bath time?And no, I am not sharing them with you.
#15 Mine.

 Mission Accomplished

Did you tell me to remove the weeds from the garden or paint the windows with some mud?
#14 Job Done.

The Artist

My mom didn’t provide me with a canvas to showcase my artistic talent. No problem, I can use my dog as a canvas.
#13 Canvas.


It’s pure bliss to fall asleep after overdosing yourself with an entire jar of Jam. I am sure his dreams are filled with jam.
#12 Overdose.


Hi, Mommy! I am a little dirty from playing the mudslinging game. Care to join me?
#8 Dirty.

The Twin Trouble

How do you differentiate between two identical twin babies? Easy, just number them on their scalp. Hard to miss the sign and they surely won’t get mixed up.
#2 Clearing Confusion.

The Mannequin Feeder

Just feed me Mannequin. My mom forgot to feed me and now I am hungry.Kids are never themselves when they are hungry.
#1 Hungry.

The Scribbler

I do not like the color white.  My solution is to just scribble on them and make them all colorful.
#3 Scribble.

Push Away

Oh No, they are home. Hurry and search the cat before they realize that we lost it.
#6 I'm Sorry.
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