14-Yr-Old Moves Audience To Tears On ‘America’s Got Talent’ After Heartbreaking Truth About Dad

Today, reality shows play a very vital role on television as they hold the power of influencing the audience completely. Be it singing, dancing or any other activity, these reality shows have brought people on stage and gave them a distinctive name in the society.

The Talent

Most of us know about America’s Got Talent where a lot of people come with hopes of showing and expressing their emotions and talents to the judges. They select them for next rounds and give strong judgments over their acts performed on stage.

Evie Clair

Here is this one contestant on the show Evie Clair who is just 14 years old from Florence, Arizona. She amazed the judges in the show with her on stage performance. She was asked by Simon Cowell about her whereabouts to which she gave some really shocking answers.

The Tragic Life

She told them where she lived. Just so that you know, that place had 4 prisons and no grocery store.She told the reason why she participated in the contest. She had a huge reason to participate in the show and the reason was her Dad.

The Cause

Her father was suffering from stage four cancer and had hardly any chance to survive. The sick dad continued to work to support his loved ones despite the physical agony he was suffering from. After describing this she continued to sing “Arms” by Christina Perri.
As she started singing the the song, every one instantly fell in love with her. Her sheer talent rocked everyone’s world. Take a look…

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