15 Awesome Teachers Who Totally Deserve a Nobel Prize

Our teacher has a student draw a “cat of the day“ on the board. He was away on Friday. So this morning he took out his phone and drew a ”substitute cat" from the web. I love this teacher.

A teacher wanted to help little boys who had no dads, so he started a "Gentleman’s Club" where they learn to shake hands, make eye contact, etc.

This is how my former art teacher proves you can make art out of anything.

Once, these teachers made fun photos for the school yearbook...

...and then decided to make it a tradition.

My algebra teacher doing a handstand to demonstrate reciprocals.

My teacher has been wearing the same clothes in every school photo for 40 years. True dedication...

When they changed the first lesson time from 9 am to 7 am, this teacher found a way to protest: a pajama riot!

This teacher demonstrates how to put on a sock because he’s not allowed to give a lecture to teenagers on how to use condoms.

A good teacher knows to encourage even such little things.

Teachers at this school take Magnum PI and picture day very seriously.

This was the day I regretted having already graduated.

The best photo in the yearbook.

This chemistry teacher is super hot!

This math teacher met her 100th birthday with her elementary students.

Preview photo credit reddit
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