20 Unseen Photos Of Jawaharlal Nehru He Didn’t Want You To See

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who was not only the first Prime Minister of India but also the tall, handsome & charming guy for whom girls were ardent fan of his dynamic personality. He was a influential leader but he too had fascinating identity among women with so much magnetism that women looses control at his first glance. Edwina Mountbatten was one of those women who was the beloved lady of Nehru.
Even today Nehru’s unique personality is remembered, from his respectful political life to affairs with many women were the sensational news of that time. The way he used to carry himself with unique style statement including classic topi and elegant jacket could easily give competition to any Hollywood actor. His unique fashion style left so much deep impression on our mind that today’s generation easily recall his name if someone hints about his jacket or Topi. You might have read lot of about him in textbooks or on Internet but these 20 pics you still haven’t seen before which he didn’t want you to see.




Daddys girl
Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru with Denmark Prime Minister H. C. Hansen in a Bumper Toy Car - Copenhagen, Denmark, 1957
Indira Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin and Jawaharlal Nehru in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, 1953
Lady Mountbatten and Jawaharlal Nehru 1

Love affair with Sarojini Naidu’s daughter Padmaja Naidu, whom Nehru got appointed as the governor of Bengal.
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