24 Facts that You Didn’t Know Were Actually True

24 Facts that You Didn’t Know Were Actually True
24 Facts that You Didn’t Know Were Actually True
Universe is a mystery chock-packed with plethora of mysteries and hidden things. People surviving on the earth are not aware of every single thing present in the world. If you try to know much more about a particular thing, more number of queries comes up into the brain. There are numerous things around you that appear quite enthralling for all the folks. We are quite happy to share some interesting facts with our readers through this post. In this article, we have listed 24 interesting and unknown facts that actually turned out as true things. Have a look!
  1. Hachiko is one of the most popular dogs in the world.image source
  2. All the people across the world eat pizza and pies from inside out.image source
  3. When a month begins with Sunday then 13th of that month will be Friday.image source
  4. People think space is blank and inert. But, in actual sense, it comprises everything.image source
  5. People’s stomach usually notices any kind of potatoes as crushed ones.
  6. In order to crack the fingerprint lock of any smartphone, the hacker only requires the back cover of the smartphone.image source
  7. Browsing is a part of school course in Hawaii.
  8. Tetris, the tile-matching puzzle video game has an end.
  9. On the planet Neptune, summer season is about 40 years long. But the temperature over there is shockingly -346 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. The babies at 6 and 7 months age will have the ability to breathe and swallow simultaneously. Adult persons cannot do this.image source
  11. Check out the picture of iceberg that the popular ship Titanic hit.
  12. If the human eye becomes a photo camera, the resolution of the human eye would become 576 MP.
  13. If you live for about 70 years, then you will come across 10 years of Mondays in your lifetime.
  14. A scientist researching the atoms is a collection of atoms researching it.
  15. Check out the picture that features volcanic eruption appearing from the space.image source
  16. The students in Sweden can acquire a stipend of $187 so as to attend the school.
  17. As the time passes, the hole in the ozone layer shrinks more and more.
  18. The surface of the earth is smoother than the ball that we bowl.
  19. Among all the living beings present on the earth, human beings are only the one that pays money so as to live.
  20. Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall across the world in Venezuela having a height of 3212 feet.image source
  21. When you listen to a good song, the skin of the person creeps out of a hurry of dopamine.
  22. In the year 1962, a laughter wave happened in Tanzania and it apprehended the control of about 1000 people and tempered for about one and half months.
  23. Classic toothpaste comprises of three coloured stripes such as white (for removing plaque), blue (antimicrobial gel) and red (for healthy gums).image source
  24. In Japan, there is a sport namely Banzai Skydiving wherein the person takes off an airplane to 9000 feet, throws away the parachute and jumps out after 2 seconds. The ultimate goal is to catch hold of the parachute.

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