30 school boys turned out in skirts in protest against the no shorts policy

Well! It seems today’s generation is determined to achieve what they want. The social media world is discussing the hilarious protest by a group of 30 school lads against the school uniform rules.


The students of Isca Academy in Exeter, UK launched this very different kind of skirt protest because the boys were not allowed to wear shorts instead of trousers even in extremely hot weather condition. Before the protest, they had requested to be allowed to wear shorts instead of trousers but were denied which led to such a trending and so very different protest where they wore a tartan patterned skirts above their shorts.


It is said that the protest started off with five boys wearing skirts which were either borrowed from their sisters or girlfriends or were quickly shopped for. It later became so popular that today around 50 plus boys have joined in the protest by wearing skirts to school to beat the heat. One of the protesters said that he really loved the summer freedom provided by the skirt and he would love to continue wearing it. Some guys even took the pain to use a razor to remove hair from their legs. However, one guy was told by the school authorities to remove his skirt as it was too short and another guy was told the same because his legs were hairy.


This protest is so much like a human rights fight where these small children are gathering the courage to fight against the injustice. They were disappointed by the fact that girls were allowed to wear skirts the whole year and they are left alone to deal with the heat wave. Parents also gave a positive reaction against this protest saying that they were cool with their sons fighting for their rights.


When parents were questioned about their say in the matter, they responded positively saying that they were proud of their sons taking part in the protest. One parent, Claire Reeves said that she had called up the school authorities several times to ask whether she could send her son in shorts keeping in view the blazing weather but was denied saying shorts were not a part of the school uniform policy and that they would put their son in isolation if he wore them or if he took a day off, they would declare it an unauthorized absence. It is said that the students got this skirt idea from a sarcastic comment from a teacher telling them to wear skirts to beat the heat.
According to Ms. Mitchell, she would try considering the change of uniform policy in future because of the hot weather. She also added that they always kept in mind the comfort of their school students and staff.
Whatever may be the case, the protest is super cool and it seems great to the guys fighting for their rights. Future is in correct hands!

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