5 Technologies Which will Revolutionize the Web Development in 2017

Since 1997 when the internet and web were ready to take off. People in those days used to dial-up modems to get online and browser of their choice was Netscape Navigator. When the web was completely a new thing Google was still a research project of two Stanford University students and Facebook was also not invented in that year.
Fast forward to the year 2017. The web has since reinvented itself. When the web business had already started in the late 1990’s  and then Google was dominating in the 2000’s.
These days the web is going through another transition and making it a place where social interaction is very important.
So, these days many web analysts are trying to figure out what will be the next revolutionary thing or technology which will make the web experience even better.
In this post, we will discuss 5 technologies which will revolutionize the web completely in the next coming years.
1. Creating Web Experience using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Currently, both augmented reality and virtual reality is more than a gimmick for small kids with toys. But, this situation will change completely. Since last many years augmented reality and virtual reality has become an important part of the world within few years. This will definitely help in revolutionizing the web experience to a whole new level. The web developers can create some new augmented reality and virtual reality experience websites to attract the users. Currently, these technologies are totally new and will take time for web developers to adopt it and integrate it in their web portals.
2. Artificial Intelligence For the Masses
Machine learning and deep learning is currently in trend these days. Earlier this year Microsoft made available the deep learning kit on Github for free to make the artificial intelligence available to the masses. Web developers can use this kit in their web portals so that its users can interact with their voices instead of typing for doing the searching. It is in the adoption phase and in coming years we will start to see many web developers integrate it in their website. So, to make it very convenient for its users.
3. Video Streaming
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. The web analyst said in the year 2006, that YouTube will flood the video on the web. It was true as these days video traffic on the web has increased in a rapid number. There are many streaming web portals like Netflix, Hulu and much more are dominating the video streaming on the web for many years. In the coming years, the web will be flooded with the video streaming services only. Thus, will generate more users and traffic ever than before.
4. Web Data can be used for Data Analytics
Few businesses and small scale companies want to track the data of their website. Google provides various tools like MapReduce to gather the data from any website. In the earlier days, there was not any facility to track the data from a web portal like we do today. The technologies like big data help businesses to extract data from web portals. Moreover, big data helps businesses in cleaning and analyzing the data using certain data analytics tools like R, SAS, and big data.
5. Gestures will Change Human Computer Interaction
For past many years, computer processors have gotten faster and storage system has capacity in terabytes. People these days are getting away from physical keyboards and mouse. With the help of human-computer interaction, web developers can now create gestures which the camera can detect easily. Like, a gesture to move to next page by swiping the hand to the right or left side.
As discussed above these 5 technologies will revolutionize the web in the next coming years. Since its inception in the year, 1997 web has gone through many evolution and changes. Moreover, the web developers these days also focus on having the secure experience for their web portal which they have created.
The change is inevitable and without making any changes will certainly not help web developers to progress further.  In addition, before investing in any of this new technology businesses and developers must make a careful assessment of what your clients want.
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