6 Questions That Can Be Answered in Less Than 10 Seconds

We humans tend to think a lot. We just like to overthink and make everything clear unnecessarily confusing for our existence. These questions that we have doesn’t require a lot of thinking. All we need is, a logical answer.

The Mother

I love such questions. They are incredibly easy to answer. All you need is some logic in place and extremely amazing observational skills. Go up there and read the question again.
Answer: Ummmm, Rose is her third child. Read the first line again!


Some more never harms anybody but this more is just not the more that people like more. This is a different more altogether you see!
Answer: The answer is fingerprints.

The Highest One

This is something that you must’ve learned in school. Come on, you cannot give up!
Answer: Ummm, Everest itself?

A basic Maths Problem

This is a very basic Maths problem that not many people can answer correctly. If your answer is 9, you are absolutely wrong.
Answer: The answer is 16.

The First?

The answer is amazing here.
Answer: The answer is an egg as it existed even during Dinosaur era. 

And here

And another twisted question with simple answer.
Answer: No mater what, you are not going to break the floor. 
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