7 Craziest Headlines Of Indian Media That Would Make You Go WTF!

7 Craziest Headlines Of Indian Media That Would Make You Go WTF!
Journalism is now a money making business instead of a mode of imparting news. Headline is the first thing people notice in a newpaper, magazine or news website. A mere headline decides whether the readers would get attracted and read the article, or will just skip it. Now-a-days, journalism has gone to such a low level that they publish any bizarre headline to grab the attention.
These 7 Headlines would tickle your bones and would make you feel pity on Indian Journalism at the same time:

1- People must know about how our Union Minister is saving water and flaura at the same time.

2- Well, this is the BREAKING NEWS! Our Indian citizens won’t have their dinner unless they know about what Indrani had in her breakfast. Such love!

3- Because using words like ‘Founder’ or ‘CEO’ is too cliche. And Mark Zukerberg Should Make few changes on his Visiting card too!

4- A customer got his ‘Ass Kicked’ After he asked the shopkeeper some extra chutney for Momos.

5- This Embarrasing moment hit the headlines as a cable operator accidentally played porn at Kerala Bus Stand.

6- Because ‘Cow’ and ‘Urine’ were the hottest topics.

7- “An animal is an animal and no FIR can be registered against it.”

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