7 Riddles That Can Be Answered in No Time

Riddles are a great way to keep your brain in the loop of intellect content that would work like an oiling for your mind. It’s good to put your head under the wire and think straight for a change. Here’s another exercise in the form of difficult questions.

Let’s Start

Let us start with something which is comparatively less mind boggling. So look at this.
Think hard. The answer has a nice business tip for every intrigued entrepreneur. Confused much? Well, the answer is really simple.
Answer: Well, he was a Billionaire before selling the Apples. This explains a lot!

And Another One

It is all about more. If you think more, you might end up solving this one.
Yet thinking? Want some help? Look at your hands and you’ll be good to answer this.
Answer: Fingerprints 

Guess the Name

All you have to do is just guess the name.
If you think properly or even read the question again you’ll have the answer.
Answer: Anna herself is her Mom’s third daughter.

The Highest Peak

This is a question straight out of your 5th grade Geography book. You are expected to answer this correctly.
Answer: The correct answer is Everest. 

Some Maths

Because playing with numbers is fun, we want you to calculate something extremely non relevant and less important. Count the number of legs.
Answer: Two! I was going there and others were leaving.

The Age Puzzle

It’s not a rocket science. All you need is some logical sense. Again, it is not really a Math question so don’t treat it like one.
Answer: The brother is 16 now.

The Shawshank Mystery?

The question reminds me of a lot of Hollywood movies. The answer though is not as dramatic. Think about it.
Answer: The prisoner did it in winter when the water had been frozen.
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