7 Screenshots Of Cheaters Getting Caught In The Act

Cheating has become an indispensable part of relationships today. Thanks to the need for more ‘space’ and the technology which lets you hide your tracks.It is better to walk out of a relationship than to be disloyal to your partner.But, Karma always finds a way to make you pay for your deeds and in this case by making use of the technology.
Let us check the screenshots of the cheaters who have almost confessed to their crime involuntarily.


It is utter foolishness to hook up with someone in the proximity of your partner.This girl knows to fight her battles and win them too. Well Done!
#1. True Modern Warfare. Well Done!

Ask before you Leap

Jumping to conclusions before you gather the complete information is utter foolishness. The boyfriend just cheated on a test, unlike his girlfriend.
#2. Cheating On A Test, Cheating With A Brother.

Poetic Ex Girlfriend

Can two people remain friends after a breakup? Definitely not if you cheated on your partner! The poem is exactly what this guy needed. The perfect way to take revenge is to never let them forget their mistakes.
#3. When Your Ex Is A Poet.

The Game Ends Now

Little did she know that her boyfriend was only speaking about the football game. If only she had waited for him to complete his message. Well, the miscommunication was a good thing, else he wouldn’t have known he was dating a cheater.
#4. The Football Game.

Dad, Is That You??

Check your recipient contact twice before you text someone. You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself with messages to wrong recipients. I hope she did not message her dad the things meant for her boyfriend.
#5. Dad, Boyfriend, Whatever—Tales Of A Careless Texter.

Not Easy To Deny This

Well, what do you think the guy responded once he received the picture from the other end. No guesses to know what was in that pic.
#8. Nothing Can Beat This One And Who Would Deny After Looking At This Pic?

The Bribe

Nothing is more awkward than your children finding out that you are a cheater. Trying to make it go away by offering a bribe is heights of bad parenting.

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