8 Horrifying Photos That Will Make You Care More For Your Environment!

As we are proceeding towards the modernization and hi-tech world, we are surely achieving various things which are leading us towards a world class era. But with this, we are losing out on the most beautiful creature which cannot be remade at any cost. It is the environment we are surrounded by. The more modernized we are getting, the more our environment is depleting. Have a look at these photos below, I hope this might shake your inner self and let’s pledge to make our environment a better place to live in.


This surfboarder at Java island has a real challenge. The high waves might not be as troublesome as the specks of dirt surrounding them.

In the name of God!

India is known for its religion and culture, but have you tried looking at the other side of it? The flowers and other stuff are thrown into the river, polluting the water to a great extent.

Although he earns his living

A study conducted in January 2016 stated that plastic waste in the oceans of our world amount to around 93,000 and 236,000 metric tonnes. Any idea how much it is? 1,300 blue whales or more! This boy goes into the water to segregate plastic waste which he sells for 35 cents. But why are we taking such steps anyway?

Electronic Waste!

Computers and laptops have made our lives easier. But this picture might force you to give it a second thought!

Turtle walk!

Turtles are slow but when it comes to rectifying our faults, we are beating this slow mammal as well. The turtle’s waist, stuck in a plastic band ahs constricted its growth.


The major reason for any animals death nowadays is either contaminated food or unhealthy surrounding. Just like this bird who is completely drenched in oil.


To watch this seal in pain is simply disheartening. But we still tend to overlook such issues.

Life at stake!

Penguins are already declared as soon-to-be-extinct birds and well the reason is seen below.
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