8 Of The Most Terrifying Moments Ever Caught On Live TV

Live TV has been such a beauty since its invention. Whether it is a Barcelona vs Madrid match or an Obama speech, we are lucky to miss nothing. But this live TV also has captured some of the most horrifying incidents which are now a name in history. Let’s recall a few of them.


OJ Simpson was a once a very loved and popular retired football player who is even more famous today for being chased by Los Angeles police on live TV. It was on June 17, 1994, when Simpson was expected to surrender to the police as he was found guilty of brutally murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson. But instead of surrendering, he fled away in his white Ford Bronco and was then chased by the police in the historic chase that was witnessed by 95 million Americans on live TV! However, Simpson surrendered to police after that.


These were one of the most discussed and aggressive riot ever witnessed on live TV. Rodney King was an African-American man who was thrashed brutally by four policemen with their guns. This act was taped by a bystander where other policemen are just seen commenting on the scene. This video went viral and a cry of outrage against this act spread like wildfire. What added fuel was the judgment served on April 22, 1992, where the four policemen were not found guilty of their inhuman act. This led to a massive riot where people came out on streets as a protest against racial discrimination. Rodney had suffered permanent brain damage, skull fracture, and broken jaw and teeth. It was one of the most aggressive and dangerous riots were looting, burning of public stores and attacking of white guys became prominent.


The Japan tsunami 2006 was one of the most terrifying events that one could ever witness on live TV. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake shook Japan and took around 18,000 lives. More horrifying was to see people stuck or getting washed away by the tsunami waves. All this was captured on live TV making people realize the might of Mother Nature.


Seeing people getting exploded through the naked eyes is one of the scariest things. Well! Millions witnessed this when the NASA space shuttle “Challenger” exploded on January 8, 1986, after 73 seconds of its flight into space. It carried seven members, one being a high school teacher, Christa McAuliffe, who joined the space shuttle as a part of NASA’s “Teachers in Space Program”. This explosion was aired on CNN.


Lee Harvey Oswald had shot one of the most popular President of US, John F Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas Texas and he was shot by Jack Ruby mere two days after the President’s assassination. Oswald’s assassination was covered live and is said to be one of the most disturbing videos. He is seen talking with the media and after some time he is seen shot by Ruby.


Christine Chubbuck was a reporter who worked WTOG and WXLT-TV in Florida. The world remembers her for her on-air suicide by shooting herself with a 38 caliber revolver on the back of her head. It is said that Chubbuck had been fighting clinical depression and even attempted to kill herself because of a drug overdose. However, on July 15, 1974, Chubbuck aired herself on live TV on a  pretext of doing a piece on suicides but, in turn, killed herself on-air. Her last words were “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’, and in living color, you are going to see another first – attempted suicide.”  This was one of the most disturbing thing ever aired on live TV.


On July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, 600 million Americans watched him in awe and admiration. With him being the first man to step on the moon, the hopes for better future became stronger. When landing in a world of no earthly atmosphere came live on TV, technology was heartily thanked. What made the footage more inspiring was the now legendary line of Armstrong, One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. This was one of the brightest event ever captured on TV.


Everyone remembers the suicide attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, when 19 militants belonging to Al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center, which was being captured live when simultaneously another plane broke into the next tower. The screams and dead bodies were seen live on TV making millions of hearts skip a beat.
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