8 Things Clothes Shop Assistant Never Ever Tell You About

Shopping can be pleasurable and therapeutic as far as you don’t stress over the bill.At an age and time where all of our shopping needs are met online, there are still some of us who visit the stores.
So here we bring a list of secrets which the clothes shop assistant would never reveal to you.

Sales Bonanza

Sales are hard to resist. We give to the temptation and buy stuff which is not even required during sales. But did you know the stores raise the prices before they announce a sale? And if there is a sign of up to 70% on the window, it might apply just for one clothing and 10% for the remaining.

Size Matters

The size of your dress varies across different manufactures.Some companies artificially “reduce” the size of their clothes for female customers to buy them more readily.

The Designer Wear

Just because a large brand has a tie up with a designer for exclusive items, doesn’t guarantee the quality of the clothes is better than the rest on display. However, the designer items would always be priced high.

The Disordered Pile Of Clothes

Customers generally feel happy when they find a piece from the disordered pile of clothes and they tend to assume it to be a nice bargain.However, this is done on purpose and there is no difference in price between the neatly folded and the disarrayed pile of clothes.

Chemical X

All new clothes contain harmful chemicals either to maintain the color or texture of the item or protect the clothes from insects and mold.Hence it is advisable to always wash the new clothes before wearing as it will prevent you from the chemicals and also the infection that has lingered on the clothes from some previous customer who tried it on.

Natural VS Synthetic

The Synthetic materials are often overpriced by the manufacturers as it would provide a notion that natural materials like cotton are cheaper. In reality, it is just a ruse to make the customer purchase the overpriced natural materials clothes.

Designer Clothes in Outlets and Boutiques

Designer clothes are of worse quality in outlets than the same items in boutiques. In order to save money people go to outlets, however, the items there just look like they are designer wear but, are not of the same design and quality.

Quality Counts

Our parents have left us things that we can still wear. Today’s clothes, however, are often of poor quality: all bad stitches, poorly printed images, cheap plastic fittings, and so on. The aim is to make things quick and cheap so that we buy them more often.
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