8 Vital Body Parts You Know Nothing About

Have you ever thought the whole universe lies in your body which has its own mysteries & laws? Which you don’t know about. Here you will get the information about some vital body parts which are still unknown to us.

The anatomic snuffbox

On condition that you extend your thumb a bit, you’ll notice a small triangular pit at its base. This is what doctors call an anatomic snuffbox: in the past, people used it to snuff tobacco.
This is also the place where you can always feel the spiral artery beating even if the pulse is weak — skin & connective tissue protect the artery.

The big toe

The shape of the big toe, we can extremely balance in a standing position, that is one of the main differences between humans & other mammals.


Glabella. It’s an essential portion of your body that supports you easily check your reflexes anytime. After tapping the finger between your eyebrows & you feel your reflexes are okay, you’ll feel a slight tension in your eyes & want to blink.

Frenum of the tongue

This small fold underneath your tongue has an essential function: it fixes the tongue in the mouth by making it less flexible.
This ability stops glossoptosis — spontaneous swallowing of the tongue. It’s particularly important for newborn toddlers who aren’t yet ready to manage their body.

Tragus & antitragus

The names of these small bumps in your ears,
the tragus that helps to detect sound coming from behind. The antitragus does the same with sounds coming from the front.


The tonsils are the first barrier protecting us from bacteria & viruses by secreting lymphocytes. You can find There are some other protective organs also but tonsils are a bit too safe.

Nail Cuticles

It’s a hard skin patch on the border of the nail and the finger. The cutting of cuticles may be risky for you like the cutting of cuticles may invite bacteria. Bacteria get into your body through a tiny wound made by cutting the cuticle.

The philtrum

Philtrum developed in humans in ancient times & played the role of smell amplifier. Philtrum helps the doctors to discover the health of unborn toddlers. Sometimes a wrongfully shaped philtrum shows of autism or other diseases
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