9 Thing You Have To Keep In Mind While Having Bath!!!!

Most ordinary and important task every one does is bathing or shower, Someone having long time under shower, Someone having less time under shower . But it all was not depends on how much time you spend in shower it depends upon before and after activities for shower. Taking a shower make you fresh and help to avoid disease by staying hygienic. Some people take twice or thrice showers a day. But is it good for you lets see what shower habits are good for you.

Here, are 9 important things from which we are going through. so stay calm and read it carefully if you are a hygienic lover.

Avoid Too Much Scrubbing Your Skin

Scrubbing is good and important for skin. But some people thinks more scrubbing-scrubbing more fair-more dirt free skin, That was wrongs cause doing too much scrubbing will make your skin dry or damage your skin.do you know that the upper most layer of your skin is damn sensitive. so please don’t torture your skin.

Using dry shampoo

Using dry shampoo is beneficial for your scalp,it absorb all oil from the scalp. These kind of shampoo   retains your hair hydrated & protect your hair from getting ruined. Massaging dry shampoo can also add volume to your hair.

Never Shave Or Wax Before Shower

Those who loved to be clean of hair on hands or legs before shower needed to stop doing this. Cause shaving or waxing open your skin spore and while having shower it will increase the shape of pores,so avoid it as possible as can.

Shower Temperature

Hot water expands the amount of fat in your body secretly.so choose a temperature which suits your body and skin type.

Dont Apply Too Much Soap

Applying too much soap causes dryness and make your skin rough. So please don’t apply more than it needed. Applying too much soap also cause itchiness.

Avoid immediate Shower After Workout

After a hard workout you feel sweaty you smell sweaty and you have to get rid of that sweatyness, So you love to take shower after workout but it will make you sick cause after doing workout your body is heated up and taking an immediate shower will make your body cool instantly, so this instant temperature change of your body make you cold.

Apply Moisturizer Immediately

Apply moisturizer immediately after walk out from the shower cause exposing your skin for too long after bath may let your skin to lose its valuable moisture. So apply moisturizer with in 3 minutes to protect your skin from dryness.

Avoid Too Much Use Of Deodorant & Anti-bacterial Soap

Many peoples use Deodorant & Anti-bacterial Soap after shower. Putting on deodorant immediately after having a bath may leads to itching, flakiness  on account of the chemicals in itNote that chemicals are not skin friendly.

Don’t Use Towel For Too Long

Some people, specifically women, take hell lot of time to remove the towel after having a shower. Well, the important fact that they don’t know leaving the hair towel on for too long will dry your skin & cause hair loss.

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