All Videos Of Dhinchak Pooja Deleted From Her YouTube Account? How This Happened?

Finally, it’s time to rejoice! Good news for all those people who fell sick on hearing Dhinchak Pooja’s crappy songs! We know how irritating this journey has been for you; so, we are happy to announce that Dhinchak Pooja has taken down all the videos from her YouTube account.
This will definitely give us a peaceful sleep tonight; we happened to visit her official YouTube account, after which we saw this message.
We know it is hard to believe this, but it’s a fact that “All her videos are deleted” or she has either made them private.
But wait, this is not it. If you still have the old links to her videos, you get to see a completely different story. We had the link to Dilon ka shooter; we opened it and this is what we found…

The message shows that a person by the name “Kathappa Singh” has filed a copyright claim, due to which her videos are removed. Reading this message, we feel like saluting Katthappa, LOL. We can imagine the torture he must have faced due to her stupid songs, which forced him to complain.
On a serious note, what made Kathappa take this step and how did he do it? Well, as per YouTube’s privacy policy, one can request removal of video, if he/she is present in it and it’s uploaded without permission.
Here’s the screenshot…
This man has real guts! Let’s see if Dhinchak Pooja emerges as a YouTube sensation again or not.
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