All Women Will Relate To The Daily Struggles In These Hilarious Comics. #10 Is Just So True!

Artist Illustrates Her Daily Struggles As A Woman In Hilarious Comics
Being a woman is something that is definitely not easy and we all have our part of struggling stories to share. For some, it is makeup, waxing, menstrual mood swings and what not. You just cannot wake up 5 minutes before your office time to take a quick shower and report at the time. Huh! You’ll find all your problems perfectly depicted in these hilarious comics.

Deya Muniz, a Brazilian cartoonist, and Cassandra Calin, a Romanian artist have depicted all such situations in their hilarious comics. This is something we all can easily relate to.

1. We all understand the *Make-up Struggle*. Deciding shades is probably the most typical task on a party night.

2. When you forget your own idea! We all know how it feels to loose a blockbuster idea that doesn’t return to your mind at any cost. #Facepalm -_-

3. When you flow away with the emotions and tears roll down your eyes while watching any of emotional or heartbreak scenes. 

4. No one knows the pain of a *Broken-nail* better than all the girls out there. You grow them up, file them, paint them only to find that they are broken while doing any of chores. Eh! I personally hate that too. :'( :'(

5.  ‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s prettiest of them all.’ xD xD
When your darling truthful mirror is in no mood to lie and that ruins your entire day. Afterall mirrors don’t lie. Isn’t it? :3

6. I have a free advice for all the men reading it. Never mess with a girl on her periods. I repeat, never! PS- You should be able to figure it through her mood swings and shitty behavior. 

7. Our impeccable love for Coffee. Probably the best flavor we’ve on earth. 😛

8. Instagram is one of those basic amenities we need all the time. But wait, does it even work properly on the computer? Argghh! It is one hell of a typical task to upload pictures on Insta from your system.

9. Dogs are way more cute than humans. Period! They are our love for life. Probably the best stress busters we all have in our lives.
Comics all women can easily relate to.
10. What they show in movies Vs What the reality is. Sleep with your hair open and they mess out in the worst way ever.
hilarious Comics all women can easily relate to. Via 
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