जानिए कैसे सलमान के पिता ने अनाथ अर्पिता को लिया था गोद !

This we all know that Arpita is not the real sister of Salman Khan. Salim Khan adopted her when she was just 3 years old. When Salim Khan was passing by a road in Mumbai, he saw a little girl crying on the footpath because her mother died and instead of helping her people were like mute spectators then Salim came forward to adopt that girl and accepted her as a daughter. She is the darling daughter of Khan family and heavenly loved by all the three Khan Brothers Salman, Arbaaz & Sohel.
Arpita was nurtured and pampered according to the Hindu culture and that’s why Khan family started celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at home. Arpita is more close to mother Salma Khan and brother Sohel Khan. Whenever she needs advice or help, she approaches her father Salim Khan and brother Salman Khan. She is not only loved by Khan Family but also by the entire Bollywood.
In Arpita’s marriage, Khan family spent blindly to show their love and affection for her. Her marriage acted as an iceberg to cool down the heat between Salman & Shahrukh Khan.  Even Salman’s ex Aishwarya Rai sent a blessing bouquet & gifts to the couple.
Arpita is now the mother of a boy and she is very much happy with her married life. Salim Khan is proved to be an angel for Arpita who made her future so beautiful which she had never thought of it in her dreams.
What Salim Khan & Family did for Arpita is an example to the humanity, even the blood relations don’t love & care to this extent. Arpita is very fortunate indeed to have such an adorable family and God has written her destiny in lucky golden words.
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