Common Sleeping Issue Everyone Had And HOW TO FIX THEM !!!!!

Every human being on the earth can not deny that sleeping is the best part of the life. but day by day human are decreasing their sleeping time. some issue are like of heavy work load or some are of body issue so we can not fix the heavy work load problem but we can fix the body issue. Some fact only for your kind information is that in a survey in 1980 a average human sleep for 10 hours but the survey of 2015 says that a average human sleep for only 6 hours and scientifically human need 8 hour sleep to get a balance mind. A interesting is that if you do not sleep for 72 hours there is a risk of death. This not a joke.
So here are some issue in sleeping and how to fix them!!

1. Waking Up With Back Pain

Waking up with a back pain will ruin your day so here is the solution so make sure you sleep on your back using a pillow underneath your legs to form a natural curvature of your body. If you choose to sleep on your side, keep a pillow between your legs. Notice that you’ll be free from your back pain in no time!

2. Trying To Sleep With Neck Pain

Again, sleeping on your back is recommended. This is also called the supine position

3. Snoring

Have a partner that won’t stop snoring? Have them sleep on their side or try a pillow that keeps their head and neck straight. Also, there are special exercises they can do to strengthen the muscles of the tongue and throat

4. Leg Cramps

DO right as it is shown in the picture will help you .

5. Can’t Fall Asleep

Reading will help you to sleep.

6. Can’t Wake Up In The Morning

DO Not set too much alarm only one and accurate alarm will help you and keep it on snooze for every 10 minute.

7. Can’t Stay Asleep

Seriously, turn your cell phone off before going to bed. Also, try minimising any alcohol you drink before bed. Moreover, the temperature of your room should be around 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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