Facebook Brings Live Video Broadcasting to Social VR

Facebook Brings Live Video Broadcasting to Social VR
With keeping an update with the advance technology, now Facebook has planned to add a live-streaming feature to its virtual reality app called Spaces.
With this new feature, which will is starting from today, the users who are active on Spaces can position a virtual camera and stream their two-dimensional feed to the people outside VR. Just like the normal Facebook live videos, the viewers can send reactions and comments on the VR streaming video. (Streamers will see both floating in space)
Reports have stated that the new feature is a part of Facebook’s ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between first-generation VR headsets and the traditional computers.
Spaces, which is a virtual environment was launched at an F8 conference by the Facebook. Mike Booth, product manager for Facebook’s social VR team had said that the vision is to give users a fun-filled hangout experience with their friends.
“We really wished to expand on that experience and let you mingle with your pals who do not yet have VR,” said Mike Booth, product manager for Facebook’s social VR squad. “We really want to just put this know-how out there and witness what individuals do with it.”
Another interesting part if this feature is that you can move comments around as physical objects. There are a couple of new options which are no there in a normal Facebook Live video.  Spaces have been designed so that users can virtually meet up with friends from any geographic location and they can all appear on the same live stream as well.
The features of Spaces rely on hand motion and body language to create a sense of virtual presence. The team who is associated with this VR streaming feature says that it is a long-termed vision. The team has also made a to-do list in which they will be taking an account of the future features, but so far they just want to see as to how people take VR as an integral part of live streaming on Fcaebook.
Mike draws attention that these are still first phases for Facebook as well as VR.
“We have a laundry list of things that seem really obvious and interesting,” he added up.
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