#FlashbackFriday: Unseen PIC of 12 yr old Deepika Padukone posing with Leonardo Di Caprio’s posters in her room!

The Bollywood Hottie just made her fans’ day by sharing a major throwback picture from her childhood where she at the age of 12 poses with her little sister 7 yr old Anisha with the posters of their favorite Hollywood actor the ‘Titanic’ star Leonardo Di Caprio on their room walls. They also share their hobbies in an interview given long time ago.
The picture is a snippet from magazine and there is a piece of article pasted in it alongside their room and computer corners at their Bangalore bungalow.
Deepika shares the picture and captions it –#flashbackfriday#MAJORflashbackfriday ????????????”
The story piece pasted on the picture reads-
12 yr old Deepika Padukone and her 7 year old sister Anisha Padukone, daughters of Badminton champ Prakash Padukone and Ujjala, share a common fondness for Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio just as they share a room in their Bangalore bunaglow.
‘It’s more to do with bonding than space constraints – Ujjala
It’s obviously woked for the bonding is tangible in the soft pink and white girlies’ room with the  big Loenoardo Di Caprio posters.  Essentially outdoor kids with physical training in the mornings and badminton practice in the evenings, they get only a few precious hours to unwind in their won room.
Deepika’s favourite corner is the bed, a sofa that opens out into a bed. “Whether I’m reading, listening to music or chattting with friends, this is my favourite spot”
Anisha is a computer freak and that’s the corner where she spends most of her time. 
“I love playing computer games like car racing, jack rabbit and Got. I play on the computer on my own or with my friends Guatam and Kabir wherenver they come home.”
Photographs: Ganesh; Coordinated by Nirmala Ranvidran
Earlier this year in April, Deepika had shared another adorable throwback picture posing with her sister Anisha when she was even younger than she is here in the new one. The two were posing sitting in a park while Deepika in short blunt hair as a little girl gave a big wide smile.

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