Gifts Are Pouring In Pakistan! Shadab Khan Gets A Luxury Car For Taking Yuvraj’s Wicket!

The India Pakistan match on 18th of June gave us goosebumps; after Pakistan’s win, there were many controversies on social media, but thankfully, things have settled down.
Now, people are talking about the prize money and the gifts that both the teams got.
Few days back, we reported that Indian team got a cash prize of Rs 7 crores, while the Pakistani team got a cash prize of Rs 14 crores. Apart from that, PM Nawaz Sharif gave each Pakistani player a sum of Rs 1 crore, because he was too happy with their performance.
That’s not it; leg spinner Shadab Khan has got one more gift for playing stupendously in the ICC Champions Trophy. Fakhar Zaman was too good with batting and Shadab Khan showed brilliance in bowling. In the finals, Shadab took 2 wickets; one was of Yuvraj Singh.
Want to know what Shadab got? Well, an Islamabad car dealer gifted him a Honda Civic Turbo worth INR 17 lacs (28 Lac Pakistani rupee) for playing excellently in the tournament. Reports say that the car dealer was very impressed because he took Yuvraj Singh’s wicket. A Pakistani journalist tweeted about this and uploaded 2 pics of Shadab with the car. Have a look;

Here are the pics, in case the tweet is not loading;
And one more…
Pakistanis are very proud that their team has won the tournament, due to which they are wholeheartedly giving such big gifts. Shadab is seriously lucky…

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