GST : Lamborghini Now Rs 1 Crore Cheaper, Other Supercars Also

GST : Lamborghini Now Rs 1 Crore Cheaper, Other Supercars Also
Most of the automakers in the country have revised the prices after the implementation of goods and services tax. Passing on to the customer the benefits under the new GST regime, many luxury carmakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have already slashed prices of their popular cars in India.

Under goods and services tax the road tax is capped at Rs 20 lakh which means even super-expensive luxury cars won’t be under any liability to pay a huge amount of road tax. After this change cars costing over Rs 5 crore will get cheaper by over Rs 1 crore. Earlier buyers used to pay 20% of the ex-showroom price in Mumbai as the road tax.

As per the new taxation system, Lamborghini Aventador S will cost Rs 1 crore cheaper as earlier it was under liability to pay 20% of ex-showroom price in Mumbai which was somewhere around Rs 1 crore and now its only Rs 20 lakh. If the same taxation system is applied on Buggati Veyron which costs around Rs 12 crore (ex-showroom), its on-road price will now be Rs 2.74 crore cheaper.

Other supercars maker such as Ferrari and Aston Martin are also expected to announce price cuts in India sometime soon. Major SUV makers in the country have also revised their prices post-GST.

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