Guy Tries Impressing Girl & Gets Message “Tonight Room No.69”! What Happens Next Is A Lesson!

Smartness is good, but over-smartness always kills. This saying is true and if you have experienced it, you know what we are talking about.
Sometimes, guys cross that “Smartness-limit” while trying to impress girls, but they fail to realize that their acts can go horribly wrong.
Funk You has come up with one such video which will make you go ROFL. This guy ridicules others and tells them that he’s smart enough to make a girl fall for him. When he sees a girl standing next to him, he deliberately announces his contact number loudly so that she can note it down. After that, he also gets a message which read, “Babe Tonight room no.69”. What happens at the end is totally unexpected.
Watch the video and have fun;

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