Hater Asked Rishi Why He Goes To Muslim Countries To Earn If He Hates Muslims. His Reply Is Bang On!

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor’s biography “Khullam Khulla” has received a good response from readers, as his fans wanted to know more about him as well as the film industry of which he has been an important part.
A tweet was made by Kiran Kotrial, featuring a poster stating that Rishi Kapoor would be in Bahrain soon where his fans would be able to have a frank conversation with him.
He shared the poster with caption, “Bahrain! We’re coming!”

Rishi Kapoor retweeted it and wrote, “Yup. Bring it on Bahrain.”
However, as there are many hate-mongers on social media, one of them tweeted, “If u have such a hatred to Muslims, Why u all Indians go to all big Muslim countries to work n mint money. U hypocrites”
Even before Rishi could respond, a Twitter user defended him by tweeting, “What makes you think RK has a hatred for Muslims? What has compelled you to make this deduction?!”
Rishi Kapoor also responds to this allegation with a tweet, in which he clearly states that his whole family has always respected all the religions. He wrote, “This allegation is very false and hurtful. Our family has always been very secular and have equal respect and admiration for all religions.”
Well-said Rishi Ji! We fully agree with you!
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