‘Hrithik Roshan, Fawad Khan!’: Twitterati help Disney struggling to find the perfect Aladdin

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Well, there aren’t a lot of us who hadn’t grown up watching Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, right? So much so, the Arabian Nights, Aladdin and the genie form an important part of our childhood memories. Would you say no to reliving those memories and tagging along with Aladdin on his adventures again? Of course not! But Houston we have a problem. After making remakes of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Cinderella’ to name a few, Disney is all set to bring our favourite character from the 1992 animated film alive on the silver screen. Just that, the studio and director Guy Ritchie is yet to find a man suitable for playing the role of Aladdin, said Hollywood Reporter. The Internet, however, is alarmed to say the least and has thrown up enough options in the past couple of days for Disney and Ritchie to choose from! (Pick Dev Patel already!)
Take a look at some of the suggestions on social media, especially on Twitter, so far.
 as  sounds perfect. I now have my heart set on this. So do many other women. Make it happen @Disney. Make. It. Happen!
Disney is struggling to find its male star for Aladdin, a man who can dance, act & take on such an iconic character. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/aladdin-movie-disney-struggles-find-stars-1019690 
What about @AvanJogia ? Very good actor (watch him in miniseries) and very handsome. Not sure he can sing/dance.  pic.twitter.com/PvR5NCPyIs
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Priyanka Chopra as Princess Jasmine and Dev Patel as Aladdin would have the whole world shooK!
And there was one Twitter user, who pointed out something about Disney’s hapless state of not finding the perfect man to play Aladdin.
Disney aren't struggling to look for actors, they just wanna cast white folks but don't wanna say it
Even as Twitter was flooded with suggestions like Dev Patel, Hrithik RoshanFawad Khan, Avan Gogia, etc., there were tweets like the one above which speculated that Disney probably just wants to cast white actors.

Guy Ritchie and Disney are reportedly trying to conclude a search that began a month ago and has thrown up names like Dev Patel (fingers crossed!), Riz Ahmed, etc. However, though no confirmation, Ritchie has reportedly found hs guy in Siddharth Gupta, who has earlier acted in Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi.
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