ICSE Textbook Indirectly Teaches “Mosque Is Noise Pollution”! After Being Slammed, Publisher Apologized!

Much has been said about the education system in India and how much improvisation it needs. While it’s a basic requirement to provide an all round education to children, it’s also very important to shape their personality in a way that they prove to be an asset to the modern society.
However, there is a big problem in the root itself. ISCE Class 6’s science textbook came under the public radar recently for describing a mosque-like structure as a cause for the noise pollution.
Have a look-
And it is not the first time, we’ve witnessed the poor representation of an issue in children’s textbooks. Earlier also they have made blunders like depicting the dark shade of skin as the reason of dowry and illiteracy as the reason behind the thefts. But what can be done when even the teachers and those who publish books don’t have a basic sense of knowledge!
The matter was put forward by a Twitter user. He tweeted-

6th Std ICSE textbook shows causes of Noise Pollution with d MOSQUE. WT does it mean? AZAAN causes NOISE POLLUTION? #NarendraModi #PMO #HRD
There were couple of people who slammed the publishers;



Simultaneously, an online petition by Masood Pasha appeared, which demanded the removal of the pictorial that shows noise pollution from various sources, a mosque-like structure being one of them. The petition got more than 6000 supporters till Sunday.
As the movement got force, the publishers of the book came in front and apologized. Checkout the tweet by the chief of the Selina Publishers.
We do apologise if it hurt the sentiments of anyone;We will be changing the picture : SELINA PUBLISHERS
A statement from publishers read, “The diagram on page 202 of our publication integrated science for Class-VI has a structure resembling a portion of a fort and other noise producing objects in a noisy city. We apologise if it has hurt the sentiments of anyone. This is to inform all concerned that we will be changing the picture in our subsequent editions of the book.”
Now, let’s just hope they don’t repeat such mistakes because it’s about the future of the young generation. They will be the way, we teach them.

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