If You’re Having A Tough Day, Watch This AWESOME Video. My Stomach Hurts From Laughing So Hard!

Ever imagined what is that one thing which is needed in life? That’s refreshment and we are sure you will agree with us once you go through the post.

Moment of Break

We all need a break in our lives from our busy and hectic schedules. Spending long hours in the office, going for meetings often take away some golden hours from us and we look for some refreshment.
Often people look for something which is instantly available and that’s when they log in to the Internet and browse through various sources of entertainment.

Evian’s Commercial

One such commercial, Evian’s Baby ad has that entertainment factor which will brighten your day. The interesting video will bring the feeling of going back to childhood to sing, dance to those lovely tunes.

We know that our childhood days remind us of the period where there were no worries or struggles.

Inner Connection

The video is all about getting connected to a baby inside us. Evian’s video is about that sensation which creates spontaneous and communicative Frenzy and as this excitement takes over the whole group of adults and they begin to dance.
The video shows one guy stopping in front of a big mirror, looking at his younger version and then starting to dance. Soon more and more adults join and the much-needed fun begins.


The Casting was a huge challenge and more than 400 babies were auditioned to ensure the adults and babies looked alike.
It was also difficult to work with babies who don’t necessarily do what you expect them to.The video is a nice entertaining piece.


Surely, you are getting curious to know what we are speaking about. People have been rating the video as one of the best and it is going viral all over the Internet.
Not to waste your time, let’s watch this and return to childhood days.
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