Indian Guy Mocks China’s Failed Rocket Attempt, Gets A Surprise Reply From Elon Musk

You know how the Tesla man and the Space X CEO, Elon Musk is socially quite active. His Twitter feed is filled with RTs about space and technological advancement news and also with his banter with one and all. In the latest one, the South African-born Canadian-American inventor empathised with China, and later, enlightened an Indian guy who mocked China, with facts.

The second launch of China’s new-generation Long March-5 carrier rocket failed on Sunday after an anomaly was detected. Elon — who has full knowledge of how painful things can be for the people working behind the scenes and how people put in their blood and sweat — expressed his empathy on the micro-blogging site.

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While there were people who were singing the same tune and empathising with the people of China, there was an Indian guy who tried to mock the misfortune.

Sorry to hear about China launch failure today. I know how painful that is to the people who designed & built it. 
@elonmusk Well what else can you expect from Made in China things😂😂

Soon, it caught Musk’s eye, who was prompt and on point with his reply.

@elonmusk Well what else can you expect from Made in China things😂😂
@30akshay Actually, China manufacturing quality is excellent. Among other things, that's where iPhones, many Android phones & most laptops are made.
And, many agreed with Musk’s reply. Case in point: the hearts and RTs on his reply tweet.

And, then he went on to create a Twitter moment about how he was cyber-bullied by Elon Musk. Wait, what?

Will Elon reply to this Twitter moment? Only time will tell.

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