Lokesh Is No More A “Chubby Girl”! Her Major Transformation Will Make You Hit The Gym Right Away!

No doubt, Bigg Boss is one such platform that guarantees lot of fame to the contestants. All commoners who participated in BB 10 got popular in no time.
One among them was Lokesh Kumari; she had become a favorite of everyone in the house. Lokesh was the most loved contestant because she always stayed away from controversies and was sweet to everyone.
We saw how Lokesh mixed up well with others; even Salman used to appreciate her time and again. Now, she is back in news and this time, it’s for her drastic transformation. Few months back too, she gave herself a good makeover, but this time, there’s a big change.
Lokesh is no more a “Chubby” girl; she has lost a considerable amount of weight. Yes, her pics are out, and looks as if she hits the gym for hours everyday. After looking at her transformation, you will have just one question in your mind, “How did she become so fit?”.
Check out some of her best shots that will surprise you!








Click here to watch the video of her workout in gym.

Wow, she looks so gorgeous now. She deserves all the appreciation for the efforts that she has taken.

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