Meet Jazz Egger,The Woman Who Claims To Have The Most Tinder Matches In The Entire World!

Tinder’s all about numbers isn’t it? Getting the match you want. But there are some people who just can’t get enough of it. But if you really want to know the “art” of getting perfect matches you might want to have a talk with Jazz Egger.

Jazz Egger, The Instagram model who claims to have the most Tinder matches ever! Have a look!

Jazz Egger is the woman with most Tinder matches
Here is Jazz Egger, the woman with most Tinder Matches Ever!
Jazz Egger is an 19 year old Austrian model who believes that she has achieved a world record. Well, if sources are to be trusted, she might be telling the truth!
But, can you guess what is the world record about, keep reading on and you’ll know.
Jazz, after downloading Tinder few months ago didn’t realize that this dating app could make her famous worldwide. But, it soon turned out to be too much for her because no sooner did she create her account than the Likes and Super Likes came flowing in and she became the woman with most Tinder matches.
Jazz Egger the woman with most tinder matches
And all Tinder users would know what a “swipe” is, wanna know how many did she bag in?
It was 5,400 swipes, yep let that sink in. But she says that she no longer can keep up with the number of suitors! That’s no joke obviously.
She says that when she signed up for Tinder and was totally new to the experience, she thought super likes was something very common. For those who are yet not familiar with Tinder, each user has one Super Like to give away per day. And receiving hundreds of super likes in a day is not common at all, the majority will agree to it!
Jazz Egger the woman with most tinder matches
But when one of her friends explained how this was “not so common” she realized she was becoming a sensation in the Tinder World.
Jazz Egger the woman with most tinder matches
The list of her “Blue Matches” is quite long, but one such particular name which receives a mention is Conor Maynard. Yeah that just happened, she also says that she matched with over hundreds of musicians, YouTubers, and actors.
Not being able to handle so many suitors at once she decided to leave a message thinking that it would lessen the hype that was going on for quite a long. The message read,
‘Sorry this is getting out of hand. I can’t answer everyone anymore. I only reply if your message is super interesting. Hope you understand.’ 
Jazz Egger the woman with most Tinder matches
This obviously didn’t work out like she’d planned (or maybe it actually did!), her Tinder game became ever more stronger.
She started receiving all kinds of proposals and offers and one of the most irresistible offers was a fully-paid trip to Greece on a Yacht for a week. But, she politely declined.
Jazz is a model and a music journalist and has 20k followers on Instagram. And this Tinder game actually proved to be a very big gig for her career as she has started receiving many fashion contracts. Strange isn’t it? certain things work out!
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