Most Terrible Flirting Fails Ever That Will Burn Your Eyes

Flirting can be good if it works out well, but boy if you fail, God help you! Sometimes you risk it and actually get the girl, but sometimes when your flirting fails you land in a no man’s land.
Remember folks, if you’re new to the game avoid flirting when you Drunk, it might crush your soul! But there are some who just won’t accept that flirting is not their cup of tea. They flirted hard only to fail HARDER.

Here are some of the epic flirting fails that burned a little more than their confidence!

#1. The Cliche
Seriously? You are going in with the “oldest” trick in the book. Cliches don’t work these days, you need to be more into the game.
flirting fails
#2 The Sexter.
Yes, here come’s the one who thinks sexting is equivalent to flirting. Don’t bother it is not going to work.
#3. Cereal Lover.
Nothing is more important than ceral. You proved it But it sure as hell ruined his flirting career!
#4. Overkill.
Do not try this dangerous stunt at home! this can only be performed by those who are experts in flirting fails.

flirting fails
#5. The Wrong Number Game.
Well this is what happens when your charm doesn’t work it’s magic! But I feel you too brother.
flirting fails
#6. Patience is a virtue.
You might want to let her finish first the next time to avoid getting your high hopes crushed brutally.
#7. Anti-flirt.
Pickup lines are like the periodic table of firting, if you know what to use and when to use it you might steal the show. But beware they can be savage at times too!
flirting fails
#8 The Lone Ranger.
Are you sure you were not talking to a wall, looks like you are the only one playing the game! Accept it it is NOT working.
#9 Open and shut case.
It’s a wrap man, do not even think of stretching it further it will be hurting….

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