Mr. Bean’s Daughter Is Nothing Like What You Would Expect Her To Be!

Remember Mr. Bean? The character that managed to crack us up each time we saw him onscreen? Well, turns out Mr. Bean’s daughter is all grown up now and looks like a million dollar diva and NO. She looks nothing like the picture!


Rowan Atkinson is rarely ever called by his name. Infact the world knows him better as Mr. Bean, the lonely, strange, mid-aged man living out of a box called home. The series was so popular that people who watched it, old or young, knew Mr Bean and his life like their own.
And this amount of impact, when all he really did was make strange noises and sleep with a stuffed toy! The number of incidences that Mr. Bean has been put through range from comical to satirical to outright hilarious. But did you ever wonder, what his life would be like when he was not, well…goofing around?
Well, Rowan Atkinson, much like most other human beings DOES have a life that does NOT involve a teddy bear. He rather leads a very “normal” life with his wife and daughter, Lily.
And NO. The daughter looks nothing like this. In fact, you would be shocked to see her real Avatar!
Seen her with daddy dearest, Lily is hotter than you would ever imagine and while you wouldn’t believe where she gets these good looks from, wait till you see the wife Bean!
Woah. Now that is one beautiful family!
In fact, you’d be glad to know she has appeared in her fathers films, including Mr. Bean’s Holiday and Johnny English Reborn. However, she doesn’t consider herself as an actor, but writes off as a Singer/ Songwriter instead.
Well, all we can say is All The Best, girl. Hope to see more of you in the near future!

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