Photo Of BSF Jawan On Duty In A Flood Stricken Area Goes Viral! Indians Can’t Stop Feeling Proud!

Indian Army has always been there for Indian citizens whenever the need arises. Be it on the border or rescue operations, Indian Army has saved people’s lives without caring about their own well-being. Their passion for the country is unmatchable and devotion towards India and its citizens is immense. It won’t be incorrect to say that the soldiers of Indian Army are made of some unique metal because of which they are strong not only physically but also mentally. Agree?
We have come across many incidents which prove that the Indian soldiers have performed their duty under the toughest circumstances. These soldiers are ready to guard the country even in the remotest and unbearable weather conditions, such as Siachen Glacier.
Presently, a tweet by Major Surendra Poonia is breaking the Internet as it shows an Indian BSF Jawan guarding the post with rifle in his hand, submerged in water till knees.
He wrote, “‘Whatever …Wherever … Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow & Forever …You will find me here’ – Indian Soldier. Jai Hind”

Twitter was all praise for the BSF Jawan and users showered their love through their tweets:
A grand salute to our warriors:
We are nothing without you!
Rightly said!
We are highly obliged to our soldiers:
Proud of Indian Army:
We live peacefully only because of you!
Words will fall short:
The country will always be indebted to you:
Selfless services in the most difficult circumstances:
Real hero:
Pride of the nation:
Absolutely correct!
A big salute to Indian Army!

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