PM Modi & Israeli PM’s Beach Photos Have Turned Into Funny Memes! Heights Of Creativity!

PM Modi paid a 3 day visit to Israel to strengthen the relations between both the nations. Benjamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel, treated him really well and was very supportive. We could see the chemistry in the photos that surfaced online.
On the last day, the duo was seen chilling at the beach; actually they both visited Olga Beach in Northern Israel, wherein the entire process of desalination was explained to PM Modi. After that, both the Prime Ministers took a stroll at the beach and shared some light moments.
Modi and Netanyahu pulled up their trousers and walked barefoot on the soft sands. Seems they were having a good time amidst crystal clear waters and light breeze. The bromance was visible and we too loved the comfort and ease they shared.
However, as soon as these beach photos surfaced online, people turned them into jokes and hilarious memes. Here’s how they made fun of this beach-walk.
Aj blue hai!

When you forget sunscreen!
Behind the scenes!
Close enough!
De taali!
The beach song!
Tauji vacation!
Nails Dikhao!
Chal bhul jaa!
Don’t worry about trousers!
Weren’t these memes hilarious? Wherever Modi goes, his pics become viral and they get transformed into such funny memes.
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